Engineers from all over the world will gather in Rome, for the event WEF2017 (27 November – 2 December 2017). Blu Consulting is about to submit a specific abstract aimed to share its knowledge and experiences  under the banner of “Safeguarding Humankind’s Heritage, the Great Challenge for Engineers”.

ABSTRACT – Blu Consulting Model applied to Business Continuity Management (BCM-2-BCM)
Everyday we are exposed to events of different nature and gravity which may compromise our normal operation risking to damage or destroy property and resources that contribute to our daily work. Blu Consulting support companies to organize and implement Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in order to safeguard their employees and to guarantee reliability to customers. An effective BCP implies a quick reaction to new risk scenarios and potential crises reducing tangible and intangible impacts generated by a potential disastrous event.
Over the years we have created and refined a specific model that allows companies to react quickly to crises achieving the following goals:
– increase personal protection levels;
– ensure the continuation of business activities;
– ensure customer satisfaction.
In summary, there are two fundamental aspects of Operational Continuity: the first one is closely linked to the business and the “survival” of the company, the second one focuses on the
social context (internal and external). Human factor represents the conjunction ring of these two aspects: without this, companies will not be able to deal with the challenges ahead or to achieve their goals.